ReZamp Real Estate: Real Estate is not as easy as you thought - That's okay, come work for ReZamp!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Real Estate is not as easy as you thought - That's okay, come work for ReZamp!

I want to let you know I want to hire you or one of the best people you know.

Do you want to do something fun and learn real estate at the same time?

Do you want to be around people who crush real estate everyday? (yes, I used the word crush)

Do you want to try new things and learn from the best?

Do you want to drive around on our golf cart?

If so, I want you.  Click here to apply.

We are hiring for, the most advanced real estate company on the planet (in my opinion).

At our company we accept only the best people.  We are looking for above average people who want to jump start their real estate career.

You get a chance to learn from the best real estate investors in the valley.

The only caveat is that culture fit is important!
  • We are looking for confident people but not cocky people
  • We looking for competitive people
  • We are looking for someone who likes thai food and beer.
If you WANT to grow as a person, I want you to apply.

If you have a friend who you think is awesome, I want you to refer to them us!

If you are seriously experienced in any job below, apply.

Here is what we are hiring for:

  1. Acquisitions Manager - Negotiations, contract writing, office manager
  2. Remodel Project Manager - Construction experience, can use a hammer or screwdriver
  3. Executive Assistant - Contract writing, follow ups, office management, etc

Are you ready to learn real estate?

Click here to apply.


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