ReZamp Real Estate: Phoenix Area - Jan 2015 Stats - Optimistic Outlook

Monday, January 19, 2015

Phoenix Area - Jan 2015 Stats - Optimistic Outlook

Here are the Jan 2015 ARMLS Stats.  Third and fourth quarter of 2014 was much better than the year prior.  I've been optimistic about the Phoenix Market this year and ARMLS agrees as well.  I will continue to buy at an aggressive pace.

My flips are moving at much quicker pace, and I'm selling for a nice premium.  Inventory has remained steady much of last year and I think sellers are now accustomed to the market.  In early 2014 they were hoping for the big pickup they saw in 2013, but it just was not there.
As long as interest rates stay low, we should see a strong year in real estate.

From ARMLS -   "People are feeling better about themselves. I feel it’s a safe bet to say 2015 sales volume will exceed 2014. I don’t think it will be the breakout year we've been awaiting, but in terms of sales volume, it will definitely be better. 

Based on information from Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service for the period January 2014 to January 2015.  ARMLS Copyright 2015. 

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