ReZamp Real Estate: Case Shiller: 3.81% growth in PHX home prices

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Case Shiller: 3.81% growth in PHX home prices

Case Shiller Price Index

The latest release from Case Shiller provides evidence that home prices in some areas are accelerating. In other areas, prices may not be accelerating,but they continue to grow at a strong pace. Strong buyer demand and low inventories coupled with relatively low levels of new construction are helping prices continue to grow and the keep housing market tipped in favor of sellers.
  • Phoenix:
    • 3.81% growth in home prices YoY (May 2014 vs 2015, latest data)
    • NAR also reported 9.7% growth (~$7k) of median home prices in the Phoenix metro for 2Q-2015
  • National:
    • 4.7% growth YoY for Case Shiller's 10-city composite
    • 4.9% for their 20-city composite
  • Fastest Growing:
    • Denver at 10% YoY
    • San Francisco at 9.7% YoY
  • Slowest Growing: 
    • Washington DC at 1.3% YoY
    • Cleveland at 1.6% YoY
  • What's Next
    • Use this data to market to your farm, your sphere, or in your online listing lead generation
    • If you want specific zip code data, email Chris@Showappeal.comand he can grab some Cromford data for you. Or you can always check out the REZAMP blog and see specific zip code growth

See the data for yourself, here are the source links:

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