ReZamp Real Estate: 3 Ways to save $1500 on every remodel

Friday, July 18, 2014

3 Ways to save $1500 on every remodel

Wanna save $1,500 on every real estate flip you do? Here's how:  

Home Depot Paint Rewards
1. Home Depot Paint Rewards is segmented into 3 levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. For each level rewards members can save 10%, 15%, 20% respectively.  Here is a pictures of my account.  

Quick Tip: You can jump right into the Silver level by asking the pro desk.  Tell the pro desk representative that you are a real estate flipper intending on doing several flips this year, and would like to start saving on paint today.  Chances are they will do it for you.  Each paint order will save you approximately $200.

Savings:  $200/house

Lowes Material Discounts
2.  There a couple ways to save at Lowes.  The simple way is to buy 10% off coupons on Ebay.  They run approximately a $1.00 each.  You can buy as many discount coupons as you want.

The better way to start saving money is by setting up special pricing with Lowe's.  I've done this at several Lowe's stores.  The first thing you need to do is put together a material list of fixtures, faucets, door knobs, canned lights, ect.  Next, take your list to the Lowe's Pro desk and ask them for special pricing on these items.  Here is an example of my list (my complete list is much longer!)


Once they price out your list, your average discount should be around 25%.  Therefore, if you are placing a $2,000 material order at Lowe's, you just saved $500.  Not bad savings for 20 minutes worth of work, huh? As an added bonus, Lowe's will put the order together for you or your contractor to pickup!

Savings:  $500/house

3.  Local Dealers

Never buy flooring or appliances from the big box stores. Go to a local flooring dealer and negotiate set pricing for tile, carpet, and wood floors.  You can save 10-20% over what big box stores charge. So your $2000 tile order will save you $400!

Savings:  $400/house

Use local appliance stores as well as they usually have discount packages for investors. My appliance package at a big box store is normally $1500 and I get it for $1100 at a local Phoenix appliance store.  

Savings:  $400/house

$200 - Home Depot Pain Rewards
$500 - Lowe's Material Discount
$400 - Local Flooring Store
$400 - Local Appliances Store

So put an extra $1,500 back in your pocket on your next flip!  Any other ways that your are saving money on your flips?

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