ReZamp Real Estate: It is a scientific fact! - Better photos sell homes quicker

Monday, July 21, 2014

It is a scientific fact! - Better photos sell homes quicker

Better photos sell a home quicker and there is also a higher perceived value for the home.

On homes priced under $300k, I take photos myself using a DSLR camera with HDR functionality. These cameras cost around $500+, but they are well worth it.  You will also need HDR editing software which starts about $100.  

Here is an example of a shot BEFORE doing HDR.  

Here is the same photo AFTER applying HDR technology

For homes priced over $300k, I use a professional photographer like Bryan Schiele.  Bryan's photos look like this:

If you think you can do photos like Bryan, make sure you check out the video below.  He details all the work that goes into just one photo.

As you can tell from watching the video there is a lot of post production editing that accompanies taking a great photo. So do yourself a favor and put the camera phone away and spend the extra coin on having great photos to market your properties!


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