ReZamp Real Estate: 7 Market Stats you should be tracking

Sunday, July 13, 2014

7 Market Stats you should be tracking

We have a super intern, Anuj, that runs a set of daily market stats. We track seven key indicators per market so that our clients can make the best buying and selling decision. These indicators are:
1.Sales Price/Sq.ft.
2.Pending Price/Sq.ft
3.Monthly Sales Volume
4.Listing Success Rate
5.Contract Ratio
6.Pending Listing Count
7.Days Inventory
Today, I want to highlight Contract Ratio. Using simple math, Contract Ratio is Pending/Active listings. This key indicator measures the market “hotness” and can also be applied down to zip code or city level. For a normal market, values tend to be between 30-60. The higher the number, the hotter the market.  ReZamp is a nationwide brokerage and we have access to more data than the typical investor. 
Here are the markets we are currently operating in:
Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Houston, Orlando/Tampa, Boston, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Tucson, Atlanta, Milwaukee.
So which of these are the hottest market? Here is how the numbers break down:  
How hot is your market? Are you using key indicators to determine how aggressive or conservative you should be on your investments?
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